Alucobond Plus

ALUCOBOND® PLUS consists of two aluminium cover sheets and mineral-filled core. The unsurpassed finish and flatness of ALUCOBOND® PLUS, its dynamic range of colours, formability and weather resistance allow the designer complete freedom of creativity. ALUCOBOND® shows excellent product properties such as extraordinary flatness, a large variety of colours and perfect formability. It has been developed as a rigid and, at the same time, flexible fascia material for architecture. ALUCOBOND® plus has been developed exclusively for the more stringent requirements of the fire prevention regulations in architectural products. Thanks to its mineral-filled core ALUCOBOND® plus meets the stricter requirements of the fire-classifications. It is hardly inflammable and offers all the proven product properties of the ALUCOBOND® family, such as flatness, formability, resistance to weather and easy processing. PAINT FINISH The face sheet of aluminium shall be finished in a factory applied fluoropolymer (PVDF or FEVE) high performance coil coating in accordance with EN13523, ECCA Quality Label and Voluntary Specification AAMA 2605-11. Note: Spray applied coatings are not acceptable. Rear face aluminium sheet to be left in chemically cleaned mill finish condition unless noted otherwise. Front face sheet, shall be factory pre finished in colour or finish selected from the manufacturers:
• Standard Colour Range. Non standard colours or finishes to customers selection will be subject to minimum order quantities. CODE COMPLIANCE ALUCOBOND®, and ACMF is BRANZ Appraised, confirming that our product, supplied and utilized by our company, is a clear demonstration that our product meets mandatory compliance requirements. SCOPE OF USE
  • High and Low Rise Applications
  • Re-Cladding or refurbishing
  • Public and Health Care Buildings
  • Public offices and civic centres
  • Residential Applications


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