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Taking over a new building? Looking to re-start a maintenance programme? Wanting an assessment of damage before entering into a repair or maintenance agreement?


We offer a no-obligation inspection service to help you understand the current condition of your building facade and to offer recommendations for both repairs and maintenance. We can work with all cladding even if we didn’t install it, ACMF and Symonite have a special partner relationship that allows crossover of work for insurance claims.


Maintenance of your newly installed ACM is a requirement for warranty. A good maintenance programme offers protection to your investment and guarantees the longevity of the panel surface and your overall building facade. We offer a comprehensive cleaning service using specialty cleaning products and techniques that avoid cause sunspots or abrasive damage to your panels. Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, minimising impact to the surroundings and during the cleaning process we are able to inspect the cladding and sealing for early signs of damage and carry out on-site repairs.

Washing of the cladding should be done at least every 12 months however in coastal areas where marine salt spray is prevalent and in areas where high industrial fall-out occurs, maintenance washing should be carried out more frequently (6 monthly). Care should be taken to prevent the accumulation of salty deposits or industrial dirt.


ACMF offers a repair service to assist with the management of a variety of panel damage. Whether your cladding was installed by ACMF, Symonite or someone else, we can help.

We can provide:

  • Assessments to determine what can be repaired and what can be replaced
  • Fast and quality repairs year round
  • Expertise in both modern and older cladding solutions
  • Communication and technical advice for architects, insurers, builders and building owners
  • Panel replacement, repair and re-skinning

Why do I need to pay for a building wash?

Over time, algae and moss builds up and along with direct exposure to UV rays the integrity of the panels and joint seals can deteriorate. Without this protection your building is at risk of developing leaks that may go undetected and will require costly repairs. Through regular inspection and cleaning we can prolong the life expectancy of the ACM panels.

Feel free to contact us through the button below or by calling (09) 442 5062 and we will arrange for one of our maintenance team to visit at a time to suit you.

Ready to know more about our maintenance programme?

For more information on what our maintenance programme involves and how it can be tailored to your commercial or residential building please contact us today and one of our team will be in touch soon.