We are very different to our competitors as we measure onsite and make bespoke flashings to any design to a very high standard. ACMF supply and install various flashings to the NZ Building code E2 (external Moisture) / B2 (Durability), servicing both residential and commercial. Flashings are made in our own factory located on the North Shore, Auckland.

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Flashings are defined in NZ Building Code clause E2 as ‘components formed from a rigid or flexible waterproof material that drains or deflects water back outside the cladding system. Flashings play a vital role in preventing external moisture from getting through the building envelope and are required in many location of a building including:

  • Roof junctions and edges including gutters
  • Changes in roof pitch
  • Roof and wall penetrations such as pipes, doors, windows etc
  • Vertical and horizontal junctions between cladding materials
  • Roof and wall intersections including soffits, parapets, skylights and balustrades
  • Any intersections between different building elements


  • Aluminium – minimum 0.7 mm thick
  • Galvanised steel – minimum 0.55 mm thick
  • Aluminium/zinc alloy-coated steel – minimum 0.55 mm thick
  • Stainless steel – minimum 0.45 mm thick
  • Copper – minimum 0.5 mm thick


  • Epoxy Powder Coated up to 25 Year Guarantee
  • Anodizing


  • 2.4m, 3.0m and 3,6m. 4m on special request