Innowood: InnoCeil

Innoceil systems offer the ideal timber look ceiling solution for any commercial or residential application. Our systems not only create instant sophistication as an architectural feature, but they are also lightweight and therefore cost-effective as an alternative to natural timber. Innowood has been increasingly used as an alternative to real timber due to the ability to build in various levels of fire performance. Over the years we have specifically produced material to a number of projects to meet the Material Group Numbers 1-s or 2-s. The inclusion of the fire retardant in the extrusion process means there is minimal change to the finished look of the wood. Not only that, but as it is not a surface coating and cannot delaminate in the future. FLEXIBILITY: Innoceil systems not only deliver a distinct architectural look, but it also has a high acoustic performance rating to provide the ultimate sound quality and external noise reduction capabilities. DESIGN INTENT: INNOWOOD Ceiling Systems are designed to eliminate the unsightly appearance of exposed screws, nails, holes or surface fixings resulting in a clean, smooth and superior finish. CAPABILITY: Innoceil systems can incorporate a unique acoustic material designed to enhance sound absorption and reduce sound transmission, making it the ideal ceiling solution. BENEFITS: Easy of installation, the ability to order to length and the lightweight nature of the material as all key factors in saving cost while not compromising on appearance. INNOWOOD IS:
  • 100% Recyclable into its own production system
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Fire Resistant (to project specific order)
  • Flexible in Design
  • Exhibits the same natural beauty as natural timber


InnoCeil Concealed Clip Fixing Ceiling System utilises a stainless-steel clip attached to each profile and screws into the ceiling substrate without exposed fixings. The system is easy to install and delivers consistent shadow lines between the boards for a smart uniform look.


INNOWOOD shiplap ceiling system is based on a traditional tongue and groove design, our Shiplap Ceiling System creates a clean finish with uniform joints but without any visible fixings.
PRODUCT CODES CL14010 CL21923 CL26430 CL16728 CL27765
COVERAGE 120mm 195mm 240mm 148mm 250mm
SPAN CENTERS 450mm 450mm 450mm 450mm 450mm
INNOVATIVE COLOURS Available Available Available Available Available
PREMIUM COLOURS Available Available Available Not Available Not Available


InnoCeil Suspended Click-On Fixing Ceiling System works on the principle of clipping the InnoCeil profile onto its suspended carrier to secure it in the desired position. This system is available in different sizes and span centres to suit most design requirements. The Aluminium Carrier is available in 60 and 130mm centres. The lightweight suspended Click-On system is perfect for areas where structural loads are critical. Our Click-on system makes it easy to install and replace battens.
PRODUCT CODES CL02050 CL03070 CL03070B
COVERAGE 20mm 30mm 30mm
SPAN CENTERS 450mm 450mm 450mm
INNOVATIVE COLOURS Available Available Not Available
PREMIUM COLOURS Not Available Not Available Available


INNOWOOD pre-finished product comes in your choice of either INNOVATIVE or PREMIUM Colour Ranges. With our interior range not all colours are available in all profiles so please check with us prior to specification. We’ll do all possible to meet your requirements.


Any colours not in stock, will be indented. Lead times and minimum order charges may apply. Contact us for more information.


Typical Details


“INNOWOOD is planning to further reduce it’s already carbon neutral footprint by introducing a Recycling and Replacement Service.

In designing a Recycling and Replacement Service, Innowood is seeking to bring its reuse and recycling approach full circle. Innowood’s material recycling facility underlines its commitment to the environment and product stewardship. The company’s goal is to make it easy for customers to dispose of Innowood products in an environmentally conscious manner. As wood waste constitutes a major part of its products composition, returning the off cuts during construction and the waste at the end of the products life cycle means that it can be recycled back into creating new Innowood profiles.

The purpose of this type of assessment is to enable consumers to have confidence that INNOWOOD products are safe to use, have a low impact on the environment and also address important social considerations.” (as stated on the Innowood website).

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