Fire Rated Windows

The Reynaers Concept System® 77-FP EI30 and EI60 were both developed based on the existing CS 77 profiles and accessories for windows and doors and was tested in an optimized European test and approval program.

The fireproofing time span is achieved by inducing a special cooling material into the profile chambers and by using self-adhesive and water-resistant swelling gaskets. These gaskets do not need to be sealed, reducing the fabrication time of the profiles and saving costs. 

  FEATURES The CS-77 FP is one of the highest performing window systems available.
  • SLS wind load resistance of up to 1500Pa
  • ULS wind load resistance of up to 3000 Pa
  • Water tightness of 1500 Pa
  • Acoustic performance of 34 to 51 dB(A) depending on the glass
  • Class 4 in air permeability (highest class)
  • Optional bulletproof or burglar/security features.

Typical Details





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